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The Best BI Reporting Tools

Unlock your companies potentials with our BI Reporting Tools.

We provide clients with quick and flexible reports that provide the insights needed to make strong and informed business decisions. Transform your data into a live feed and export it for use by the rest of your team.

Sales Report Dashboards

If your current reports aren’t meeting or exceeding your expectations, our reporting solutions can simplify your life. 

Have all your KPI’s at your finger tips with our corporate reporting software with stunning easy to understand visuals.

Enterprise Reporting

Large business often struggle with the sea of systems their data occupies. Reporteq takes the data your data and delivers it in the format you need.

  • Avoid logging in to each source system to create reports.
  • Easily select the type of information you need, such as sales or production.
  • Enter parameters, such as a date range or a client name, to limit your results.
  • Review information without printing it.
  • Export results to a spreadsheet for further analysis and use.

Client Testimonials

Our new reports give us the visibility and access to data in ways we never had before. Our data is unlocked and now helping us make critical decisions faster.

Tod Robinson | Solara Medical Supplies

This solution heavily reduced human error while increasing speed of process to a fraction of the original effort.

Elyse Birnbaum | AMN Healthcare

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