Web App & Software Development

Your Needs are Unique, Get Software to Match

Custom web app development for your business..

Many businesses don’t realize custom software can be affordable, but more importantly, it fits your ever-evolving needs like a glove.

We’re much more than your average group of software developers. At Reporteq, our team of experts is capable of going technically deep to build all sorts of web applications, whether it’s an entire content management system or a simple online form, for a startup or an established company. We’ve done integrations with third-party ERPs, CRMs, accounting and inventory software, sales tools, Salesforce…you name it. We know our stuff. We handle all sorts of integrations, and the sky’s the limit for what you want to build, no matter how basic or complex.

Everything is done in-house, with an emphasis on quality. We believe in proper planning, wire-framing and scoping at the beginning of a project so that we don’t waste time, and the end result is exactly what you want and need. Have a large project? We’ll advise you on the best path forward, including what technology and platform to use, and how your project should be broken up and built over time.

Custom software doesn’t come in a box from a store or an online download. What’s more, it isn’t meant to be most things to all companies. Instead, it’s developed to be everything for your company and your company alone.

Enterprise Web Application Development

Unlike simple websites, which are built to deliver information, web app programming is used to create and facilitate interactions between two or more people, a person and a database, a person and a group of people, and so on. They are more complex than websites and integrate with more external systems.

Examples of Web Application Software

  • An online system to interact with your bank
  • A social network like Facebook or LinkedIn
  • A system to connect truck drivers with people who need Freight shipping
  • An online reservation system
  • A loan application or other online forms
  • Software to manage signups or emails
  • An online catalog
  • Tool to manage people or records
  • Tool to manage projects or campaign
  • Complex product configuration tool
  • Online location where people can register for events and get tickets
  • A system to monitor hardware devices remotely
  • A learning management system
  • System to have online meetings and teleconferences 
  • Systems to manage pharmacies
  • Systems to manage medical offices
  • ..any system that collects, manages, and reports on processes or data collection.

We have built all sorts of web-applications from online forms to whole management systems. We work on projects both big and small.