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Electronic Health Record (EHR/EMR) Software Solutions

We design specialized EHR & EMR software solutions that advance improved interoperability, shave time off clinical processes, and increase doctor-patient interactions.

EHR/EMR Mobile App Development

Offer specialized mHealth app development services that let patients and healthcare professionals track medical data, exchange healthcare information, and more.

EHR/EMR Implementation Services

The review of historical medical record systems, data migration, user training, pilot testing, ICD-10 codes, and other processes are facilitated by developers.

EHR/EMR Integration Services

Use third-party technology to integrate cloud-based billing, lab data transfers, insurance databases, communication modules, charting & reporting, and other services.

Telehealth & Telemedicine Software Solutions

To deliver remote health services, education, and training for increased effectiveness and quality of treatment, we create specialized telehealth software solutions.

Telemedicine App Development

Create unique telehealth applications that use VoIP, SMS, and camera APIs on the device to improve patient interaction, video streaming, call routing, and other functions.

Telehealth Live Video Streaming

Create dependable, HD, HIPAA-compliant video conferencing software solutions for online doctor visits and doctor-to-physician conferences.

Cloud-Based Telemedicine Software

Create specialized cloud-based telehealth software systems that are highly interoperable for clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare institutions.

Telemedicine Integrations

Transmit EHR/EMR & PACS/DICOM protocols and streamline RCM procedures by integrating HL7 into telemedicine platforms.

Health Information Exchange (HIE) Software Solutions

To streamline information exchanges between doctors, patients, and other health practitioners, our developers provide feature-rich and potent HIE software solutions.

HIE Interoperability

Integrate interoperable HIE functions to improve your existing eRx, EHR/EMR, LIMS, medical IoT, billing & RCM, and other networks.

HIE Mobile Application

Build cross-platform mobile apps that use C-CDA for efficient medical data sharing to access HIE data and enhance primary care.

HIE Standards

IHE, HL7, CDA, CCD, QRDA, DICOM, NwHIN, and other legal healthcare technology communication standards are all followed by HIE solutions.

PACS & DICOM Viewer Software Solutions

We provide complete PACS/DICOM software solutions for safe data and picture sharing, archiving, viewing, and other functions.

PACS Implementation Services

Utilize PACS/DICOM protocols to configure on-premises, cloud-based, and hybrid medical software solutions to store and send medical pictures securely.

DICOM Viewer Development

To alter, improve, and fuse medical images, develop and combine DICOM viewers with tools for 3D rendering, medical imaging, and video time-lapsing.

Programming Teleradiology Services

To increase the functionality of PACS and VNA teleradiology services, programmers use JSON, XML, and RESTful DICOMweb standards..

DICOM Integration Solutions

Integrate DICOM images with popular medical imaging modalities, including PET, CT, MRI, OCT, ultrasound, x-ray, endoscopy, nuclear medicine, and many more.

Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) Software Solutions

To monitor laboratory storage and inventory, protocol executions, data integrity, and security, we develop scalable and adaptable LIMS solutions.

LIMS Protocol Execution

From testing through storage, developers create LIMS software to support protocols and workflows, capturing crucial data along the way.

LIMS Inventory Management

To monitor reagent usage, gauge inventory order numbers, and manage lab inventory, implement LIMS inventory management modules.

LIMS Security Modules

To ensure risk assessment compliance, SOC-2 certified LIMS solutions are in line with the most recent data integrity standards and legal requirements.

Pharmacy Management Software Solutions

We add features that encourage workflow automation, completely integrated payment processing, and real-time communication to already-existing pharmacy management software solutions.

Pharmacy Software Development

Create custom pharmacy software with integrated POS integration, MTM capabilities, automated refill processing, and other features.

Pharmacy Automation System

To facilitate automated pharmacy processes, such as prescription refills and formula compounding, program robotic process automation (RPA) elements.

Pharmacy Inventory Management

Utilize database management systems (DMS), integrated barcode scanners, and manifests for the National Drug Code (NDC) to automate pharmacy inventory processes.

Pharmacy POS Software Integration

Complete POS software solutions should be integrated with role-based access control modules for POS users as well as e-signature capture to complete particular tasks.

Electronic Prescription (eRx) Software Solutions

To automate clinical decision support, improve visibility, and speed up the prescription process, we provide sophisticated eRx software solutions.

Food Track-and-Trace Software

Integrate CDS software to assess a patient's medical history, maintain patient safety, and notify medical professionals of any potential drug interactions.

eRx Mobile App Development

Create eRx mobile applications that improve patient, physician, and pharmacist communication and EMR, EHR, and PHR visibility.

eRx Third-Party Integration

Integrate with external suppliers, such as CDS software, medication information databases, prescription drug monitoring systems (PDMS), and others.

HIS & Practice Management Software Solutions

Our hospital administrative process management (PAM) and hospital information systems (HIS) solutions optimize, monitor, and control hospital administrative procedures.

Hospital Information Systems (HIS)

Design client-server HIS systems and design HIS databases to manage and organize data using ICD-10, CPT, LOINC, and SNOMED-CT.

Practice Management Systems (PMS)

We incorporate specialized capabilities into our PMS solutions to streamline administrative processes, handle medical insurance claims, and more.

Hospital Case Management Systems

Create complete software suites for case management that handle the patient journey from the start of acute care through the phase of recovery.

HIS & PMS Patient Portal Integration

To efficiently exchange test results, manage patient vitals using wearable technology, send bills, and do other things, integrate EHR, EMR, and PHR systems with patient portals.

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Software Solutions

One consolidated platform is provided by our specially designed RCM software solutions, allowing for a quicker and more effective organization of the payment cycle.

Hospital RCM Software Solutions

RCM systems can be integrated with built-in contract modeling features and program coverage detection software into solo or multi-site HISs.

Third-Party RCM Implementation

Provide specialized HL7 interoperability, portal bridging, and other features for installations of third-party RCM software, such as Allscripts and NextGen.

Medical Coding Software Services

ICE-9, ICD-10, and CPT codes should be programmed and updated often in compliance with the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

HL7 Interface Software Solutions

For the best integrating, connecting, and interoperability of healthcare applications, data management, and workflows, we develop specialized HL7 interface solutions.

HL7 Software Integration Services

ICD 9–10, NDC, and SNOMED standards, as well as FHIR, XML, JSON, CDA, EDI, CCD/C32, DICOM, and X12 formats are all compatible with HL7 integrations.

HL7 Interface Engine Development

To enable data sharing and standardize communications between healthcare organizations and their present systems, construct reliable HL7 interface engines.

HL7 Third-Party Implementations

Integrate HL7 interface engines from third parties, such as Infor's Cloverleaf, Mirth's Connect, Cerner's OPENLink, and others.

HL7 Mobile Health Applications

Create mHealth and mobile health application solutions that adhere to HL7, HIPAA, FDA, and EPCS standards for remote health monitoring.

Assistive Technology Software Solutions

To raise the standard of care for people with impairments, we create software solutions that are specifically suited for assistive technology.

Assistive Tech for Deaf & Hearing Impaired

Implement noise reduction techniques, direct audio inputs, frequency modulation, room-limited infrared systems, and other features in listening devices and smart hearing aids.

Assistive Tech for Blind & Visually Impaired

Create text-to-speech readers, talking and braille watches, IoT-enabled mobility aids with spatial awareness, GPS systems with audio navigation, smart magnifiers, and more.

Assistive Tech for Blind & Visually Impaired

Individualized AAC (augmentative and alternative communication) apps offer improved communication options for those with cognitive disorders and learning challenges.

Veterinary Practice Management Software Solutions

Our hospital administrative process management (PAM) and hospital information systems (HIS) solutions optimize, monitor, and control hospital administrative procedures.

Veterinary Software Development

Create software with integrated PMSs, CDS engines, prescription manifests, inventory management trackers, invoicing modules, and other features for veterinary practices.

Veterinary Mobile Applications

Create branded veterinarian mobile apps that enable full eRx requests and refills, scheduling modules, real-time conversations, and much more.

Pet GPS Tracking Software

Create pet tracking microchips that adhere to ANSI and ISO 11784/11785 requirements for geographic information systems (GIS) and radio frequency identification (RFID).

Veterinary Accounting Software

To manage veterinary office financial operations successfully, integrate thorough business intelligence (BI) and KPI visualization capabilities into accounting and RCM software.