and confidence.

With SpeechBuddy, your child can easily type out their thoughts and have them spoken aloud, making it easier for them to express themselves and communicate with the world around them.

Main Features

SpeechBuddy comes with a range of powerful features to support your child’s communication
journey. Explore how our app can make a difference in their lives.

Type and Speak

Type and Speak With SpeechBuddy, your child can effortlessly type out their messages and have them spoken aloud, bridging the gap between their thoughts and the outside world.

Customizable Settings

Tailor SpeechBuddy to meet your child’s unique needs. Adjust the voice, speech rate, and other settings to create a personalized experience that enhances their communication abilities.

Kid-Friendly Interface

Children with special needs can navigate the app effortlessly. Our focus on a user-friendly interface empowers kids to confidently interact with SpeechBuddy, enhancing their communication experience.

How it Works

Discover how SpeechBuddy works and how it can be easily integrated into your child’s daily routine. We provide a step-by-step guide to help you get started.

01. Type Text

Children can easily input their thoughts, messages, or questions using the app's intuitive text input feature.

02. Speech Output

SpeechBuddy instantly converts the typed text into clear and audible speech. Children can listen to their words spoken aloud, enhancing their ability to express themselves effectively and aiding in their communication development.


Corporate Social Responsibility

As part of our mission to support
children with special needs, we are pleased to announce that Speech Buddy will be offered for free

We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to communicate effectively, regardless of financial constraints. By providing SpeechBuddy at no cost, we aim to make a positive impact on the lives of children and their families, ensuring equal access to essential communication tools.

About Us

SpeechBuddy is developed by

Reporteq is a data, software and integration company based out of sunny SoCal,
but our reach is global. We have been helping clients eliminate
information silos, implement automated processes and make ideas on a
white board come to life with custom web app development.

Meet Our Team

Behind SpeechBuddy is a passionate team of communication experts and technology
enthusiasts. Our diverse backgrounds and shared vision drive us to create the best possible
tools and resources for our users. Together, we strive to make Speech Buddy a
transformative platform that empowers individuals from all walks of life to communicate
with clarity, conviction, and confidence.

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