Agriculture Software Solutions

Reporteq’s comprehensive agriculture software suite helps farmers and growers gain total control and visibility over their land, crops, livestock, and equipment.

Agriculture Software Solutions
Agriculture Software Solutions

Land managment

Agriculture Software Solutions

Livestock management

Farm management​

Precision agriculture software solutions​


Seed-to-sale and dispensary software solutions ​

Agriculture drone software development ​

Food safety and compliance ​

Land management software solutions

We have developers have vast agricultural industry-experience and first-hand knowledge of how to develop world-class solutions for agricultural operations.

Land mapping & GPS Software

In order to optimize site-specific data mapping and provide precise yield predictions, we program GIS & GPS technologies and connect them with your existing systems.

3D Field Design Applications

We design and develop specialized 3D field design software that smoothly integrates with topography mapping applications for improved management and visualization of all land areas.

Smart Controllers & Sensors

We use sophisticated controllers and sensors to monitor changes in temperature, light, humidity, weather patterns, and other environmental elements before we harvest the harvests.

Precision Agriculture Management

To improve operational performance, we use prescriptive technologies, harvesting and crop management modules, and decision support systems (DSS).

Irrigation System Management

We use hydraulic systems, irrigation patterns, computer-aided designs (CAD), and digital terrain modeling (DTM) to create our irrigation software.

Agronomy Software Solutions

We create software for agronomy that addresses everything from soil sampling and collecting to GIS mapping, subsurface drainage, and automated soil fertility.

Operations Management

To simplify consistent operational operations, we link unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) software with third-party APIs for irrigation control.

Agriculture Farm Management Software Solutions

The complete breadth of the agricultural & farming business is covered by scalable and flexible agriculture farm management software solutions.

Farm Inventory Management

To increase visibility, we integrate RFID systems, barcodes, serial number ID scanners, and other GIS technologies into new or current ERP platforms.

Farm Equipment Servicing

We create agricultural GIS equipment inspection software with mobile applications for on-site inspections and flexible reporting options.

Crop Planning & Tending

Through farm mapping software, we create features that automate watering, irrigation, and planting optimization for better crop planning and care.

Labor Management Software

We create software for field operations and labor management that makes it easier to plan, report, and track personnel' whereabouts in the field.

Farm Accounting Software

To compute profit and cost-of-goods-sold, we combine existing farming business systems with third-party accounting software, such as Quickbooks or Quicken (COGS).

Agribusiness Software

We link with well-liked CRM software programs to speed lead conversion procedures, obtain behavioral insights, and automate the marketing and social media processes.

Mobile Farm Management

So that farmers can access data analytics, surveillance systems, and other controls remotely, we build farm management apps to function flawlessly on Android and iOS smartphones.

Livestock Management Software Solutions

Livestock farmers and operations managers can easily plan their finances, keep records, analyze data, and manage their inventory with the help of livestock management software solutions.

Livestock Breeding Software

In addition to livestock auction systems with scalable user interfaces, we integrate livestock dashboards for monitoring herd-wide propagation, genealogy & lineage, and pregnant statuses.

Livestock Inventory Software

To obtain complete control and insight over your inventory and manage fluctuating retail & wholesale prices, we build automated livestock inventory software.

Livestock Tracking Software

To track cattle positions from the ranch to delivery, we integrate with third-party GIS/GPS mapping interfaces and use RFID, EID, and embedded ear tag sensors.

Cattle Management Software

To predict stocking rates, carry out scheduled grazing, compare pasture production results, provide reports, and much more, we build cow management programs.

Agriculture Software Solutions

Animal Husbandry Software

Our husbandry program enables farmers to map fertility, fertilization, and soil nutrient levels while managing their efforts to selectively breed and raise cattle.

Feed Mill Automation

To maximize the nutritional intake of ranch and farm cattle, we create feed management software platforms that are coupled with audit trail software to maintain VFD compliance.

Pasture Grazing Systems

Our systems track annual pasture growth and field yields, and they are designed with GIS and geo-fencing technology to produce precise field views of herd movements.

Dispensary Seed-To-Sale Software Development Services​

Our seed-to-sale software solutions include waste management analyses, monitor economic order quality (EOQ) assessments, reorder point (ROP) formulae, material needs planning (MRP), and much more. ​

Cannabis Dispensary Software

We configure custom-tailored integrations to third-party marijuana/cannabis dispensary vendors and software APIs, including Weedmaps, StickyGuide, and Leafly.

Dispensary CRM Solutions

Business intelligence (BI) analytics are made possible by the sales, marketing, and customer service tools we engineer into our dispensary CRM platforms.

Dispensary POS Systems

We incorporate role-based access controls for QR and barcode ID scanner software for dispensary point of sale (POS) apps and e-commerce websites (RBAC).

Mobile Cannabis Applications

To create mobile applications for cannabis dispensaries that enable delivery driver tracking, transportation management, and other features, we use open-source geolocation APIs.

Seed-to-Sale Tracking Software

We create seed-to-sale tracking software that covers the whole logistics and shipping process, from the production of raw materials to the electronic evidence of delivery (EPoD).

Cannabis E-Commerce Solutions

Digital storefronts and shopping carts for our cannabis e-commerce solutions were created by utilizing well-known platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, and Magento.

Cannabis Patient Management

E-prescriptions (eRx), insurance, electronic medical records (EMR), and other patient documents are integrated into patient management software.

Precision Agriculture Software Development Services

For increased interoperability, we create precision agricultural software that enables smart farming technology to interact with already-existing monitoring & sensor software.

Agriculture Monitoring Systems

For increased interoperability, we create precision agricultural software that enables smart farming technology to interact with already-existing monitoring & sensor software.

Agriculture Soil Sensors

To deliver better insights and encourage interoperability, we connect soil-mapping, crop sensor, drone, and data analytics software through a series of API communication.

Agriculture Software Integrations

To assist farmers in real-time crop effect visualization, we integrate agriculture monitoring devices, camera surveillance, data analytics, irrigation systems, and more.

Agriculture Precision Farming Apps

We scale and alter agriculture ERP application solutions, ensuring full-stack infrastructure engineering and design for AG farming applications.

Agriculture Drone Software Development Services

We provide specialized agriculture drone software using cutting-edge machine learning methods so that UAV drones can spray insecticides, herbicides, and fertilizer.

Agricultural Drone Development Platforms

Using sensor network software controls, we configure our drone platforms to enable remote AG asset health assessments.

Agricultural Drone Analysis Technology

In order to assess crop health, we integrate drone software platforms with built-in normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) indicators.

Agricultural Drone Field Mapping

We create AG drone 3D mapping software for farmers using electromagnetic, acoustic, and optical sensors from the ground.

UAV Data Processing Software

Our program for processing UAV data integrates 3D modeling APIs for processing drone images and offers orthomosaic stitching for AG mapping.

UAV Livestock Software

Our livestock UAV software included GPS tagging and thermal identification to remotely locate and keep an eye on all of your livestock herd.

Smart Farming System Solutions

Using robotic process automation (RPA) tools, GPS mapping, and cellular connectivity, we design automated equipment and agricultural IoT devices.

Aerial Crop Scouting Solutions

In order to scout and identify soil variation, irrigation problems, and crop infestation, we develop software and aerial sensor technologies for aerial crop imaging.

Food Safety & Compliance Software Solutions

Our food safety and compliance software complies with all regulatory requirements set out by the food safety, environmental protection, and public health sectors, including those set forth by the USDA, FDA, FSMA, EPA, and FSIS.

Food Safety Hazard Planning

For cutting-edge food safety monitoring and incident prevention/management, we provide food safety planning and hazard analysis software solutions.

Food Safety Initiative Standards

The IFS, BRC, ISO 22000, GFSI, and other food safety initiative groups develop prominent food safety standards, which we incorporate into our food safety software.

Centralized Dashboards & Reports

For real-time user customization of centralized dashboards and reporting templates for in-depth and extensive analytical insights, we design them.

Inventory & Quality Control Solutions

To streamlined food safety procedures, we program inventory management and quality control features into current systems.

Food Safety Traceability Solutions

We develop stock-keeping unit (SKU) tracking and custom system integrations into our farm-to-fork and sea-to-fork traceability solutions.

Environmental Health & Safety Systems

To simplify document control and assure efficient food production processes, we program and engineer environmental health and safety systems (EHS).

Supply Chain Management Solutions

We offer complete supply chain management solutions, from raw material management to distribution traceability, to simplify shipping and logistics.

Aquaculture Software Solutions

The integration of embedded sensors, ID tags, and other features in aquaculture software solutions enables customers to breed, harvest, and trace their whole aquaculture population.

Aquaculture Application Development

In order to acquire a clear, thorough, and in-depth understanding of the data retrieved from marine information systems, we create apps that give automated spatial analytics.

Aquaculture Management Systems

We create desktop and mobile aquaculture apps to efficiently manage procedures involved in aquaponics and aquafarming.

Fish Farm Management Software

We create and implement fish farming solutions that monitor aquatic lifecycles beginning at the hatchery and ending when your fish farm is prepared for harvest.

Aquaculture ERP Integrations

We build workflow management solutions to optimize personnel operations and integrate ERP software to perform cost analysis while making adjustments in real-time.

Aquaculture Data Analysis Tools

To enhance behavioral assessments of fish populations at the individual, batch, site, breed, and operation-wide levels, we use best-in-class sensors and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques.

Aquaculture Sensor Technology

For monitoring and modifying facility temperatures, salinity, pH balances, oxidation-reduction potential (ORP), ambient pressure, and other parameters, we program embedded sensors.

Aquaculture Monitoring Systems

To improve data sharing and provide real-time data monitoring and traceability for the aquaculture industry, we harness the sophisticated power of electronic data interchange (EDI) connections.