Custom Event Management Software Solutions

We create specialized event management software so that your teams can oversee any kind of event from planning to execution.


Association Management

Dating Apps

Dating Apps

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Event Management

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Event Technology


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Trade Show Management

Event Management Software

With tools for event registration, budget monitoring, staff management platforms, and other features, we develop specialized event planning services.

Virtual Events

We provide fully functional, feature-rich, and mobile-friendly virtual event platforms that let businesses interact with target markets online.

Hybrid Events

We adapt our event planning software to include hybrid event management features for hosting small audiences and extending the audience.

In-Person Events

We develop in-depth, all-encompassing event planning, registration, and management systems that streamline every step of the organizing and carrying out an event process.

Meetings & Web Conferencing Software Development

We create web conferencing and online meeting software to facilitate efficient communication and teamwork, support multiple devices, and improve interoperability.

Meeting Management Solutions

We create intelligent meeting management solutions that cover all crucial aspects of the meeting lifecycle and enable groups to create cooperative agendas for meetings.

Web Conferencing Solutions

We design web conferencing software solutions with built-in community features, real-time communication, sharing of video material, and webinar functionality.

Mobile Meeting Applications

We provide cutting-edge mobile meeting applications with interactive maps, personal scheduling tools, a searchable attendance database, and more.

Attendee Management Solutions

We design attendee management software with interactive engagement tools including anonymous voting, vocal muting, electronic hand-raising, and real-time polling.

Event Registration Software

We design mobile, online, kiosk, and on-site registration software with configurable reporting modules already built in.

Guest Booking

For various event and registration types, such as individual, group, or a la carte events and activities, we develop guest booking portals.

Event Venue Integration

For further flexibility and interoperability, we interface with event management software for hotels, stadiums, banquet halls, and other venues.

Badge Tracking

We create cutting-edge event registration tracking software that works with badge scanners, RFID, QR codes, barcodes, NFC, and other technologies.

Custom Dating App Solutions

To provide a more engaging online dating experience, we integrate specific features, functions, and capabilities into already existing or recently established dating app solutions.

Online Dating Application Development

We create unique dating apps that contain the well-liked "swipe and match" function, face recognition matching algorithms, and profile verification tools powered by AI.

Better Matching Algorithms

Using predictive analytics, natural language processing, and behavior-based matching systems, we develop more intelligent and advanced matching algorithm engines.

Online Meet-Ups & Communication

To provide a more individualized experience, we make use of online communication software APIs that include instant messaging, audio calls/messaging, and live video chat features.

Enhanced Security Implementation

For improved dating app security and user identity verification, we include a two-factor authentication (2FA) function that uses a single-use code provided by SMS or email.

Trade Show Management Software

We create and include powerful, feature-rich trade show management software systems for putting on expos, trade fairs, and conferences.

Trade Show Mobile Apps

We design cross-platform mobile apps for trade shows that can navigate 3D floor plans and have custom user gateways.

Trade Show Badge Solutions

We create firmware solutions with integrated analytics to track guests for admission badge creation and verification.

Trade Exhibitor Modules

We design unique request for approval (RFP) platforms that make it possible to manage exhibitors and find new business.

Lead Retrieval Application Solutions

We create lead retrieval software that enables companies to gather, sort, and classify all of the leads they receive from trade exhibits and events.

Lead Retrieval Software

We create software for lead retrieval that efficiently gathers leads from conventions and trade events by noting contacts and detecting admission badges.

Lead Retrieval Capture Solutions

In order to gather leads using QR code, barcode, magnetic stripe, or RFID scanning, we provide lead capture software solutions that interact with mobile and handheld devices.

Lead Retrieval Integrations

Through the use of third-party APIs, our lead retrieval software connected with well-known CRM systems as well as add-ons and extensions to improve and validate leads.

Lead Management System Modules

With the help of specialized lead evaluation, categorization, and distribution modules, our lead retrieval application solutions guarantee efficient lead management.

Association Management Solutions

We create association management solutions with customizable dues structures, robust financial reporting tools, tactical marketing features, and more.

Membership Database Designs

We offer specialized cross-platform, cloud-based membership database designs that are streamlined for membership management.

Event Software Development

We create event management software that produces real-time data analytics with an eye toward ROI and facilitates event registration management.

Marketing Automation Solutions

We develop marketing automation tools that quicken marketing procedures, reveal behavioral patterns, and produce useful data.

Event Technology Software

We design and implement wearable technology integrations, AR/VR experiences, and digital presentation solutions for events.

Event Technology Software

Our unique event technology platform improves social media promotion, content delivery, and live and digital experiences by fostering brand involvement.

Beacon Software Integrations

We provide beacon applications that use Bluetooth and iBeacon technology to offer resource tracking, navigation, interactive mapping, proximity marketing, and more.

AR/VR Event Technology Solutions

We design event technology solutions that work in tandem with AR, VR, and other wearable devices to produce intensely immersive experiences.

Digital Presentation Software

To enable interactive virtual presentations with pre-existing Word, Excel, PDF, PowerPoint/Google Slides, and other media files, we provide digital presentation software.