Our Transportation Software Development Services

As a market leader in the transportation sector, we are perfectly positioned to meet the demand for specialized fleet, traffic, parking, dispatch, and vehicle rental management systems.

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Dispatch Software Solutions

With integrated fleet vehicle telematics software, mobile capabilities, and scheduling modules, our specialists create specialized dispatch software solutions that simplify and streamline dispatch interactions.

Dispatch Routing Software

Add in custom features for tracking fuel prices, geo-fencing, and multi-destination scheduling, as well as third-party mapping and GIS software APIs.

Emergency Dispatch Software

We create CAD systems (computer-aided dispatch) with dispatching capabilities including (IAED) protocols, time compliance monitors, and ALI/ANI connections.

Mobile Field Dispatch Software

Create cross-platform web apps and native Android, iOS, and Windows mobile apps with built-in routing and mapping interfaces using Xamarin or PhoneGap.

Dispatch Scheduling Software

Create automated dispatch scheduling software that supports improved operational efficiency and more simplified asset and labor management.

Rideshare & Carpooling App Solutions

Our specialists design specialized ridesharing and carpooling applications that let iOS and Android users order secure, dependable, and affordable rides from enterprise-level ridesharing networks.

Rideshare Passenger App Development

Apps for passengers using rideshare services include features like real-time messaging, booking and cancelling, real-time alerts, ETAs, fare predictions, driver ratings and feedback, among many others.

Rideshare Driver App Development

Rideshare driver apps are made with detailed driver dashboards that display information on daily earnings, trip summaries, and more, as well as turn-by-turn navigation systems.

Rideshare Admin Panel Development

Rideshare admin panel portals allow for fleet management system integration, extensive reporting, and real-time high-level visibility of important rideshare business data.

Fleet Management Software Solutions

Our transportation management systems (TMS) and fleet management software solutions make fleet telematics, GPS fleet tracking, fuel management, vehicle maintenance management, and much more possible.

Fleet Telematics Software

Create specialized FMCSA/DVIR compliance TMS software with integrated telematics systems to make asset location tracking, mileage tracking, and other tasks simple.

GPS Fleet Tracking Soft

By using third-party technologies like GeoTab or Teletrac, you may automate sophisticated routing plans with GPS monitoring, geofencing, and targeted dispatch zoning.

Fuel Management Software

Integrate fleet gasoline card data that tracks your point-to-point fuel consumption and fuel usage fluctuations to improve fleet management.

Asset Management Software

To efficiently manage the inventory, driver assignments, asset status history, and fleet-related paperwork for each fleet vehicle, integrate asset management software.

Public Transportation Software Solutions

Our software solutions for public transportation offer public transit agencies improved fleet and passenger-focused features for secure, streamlined, and efficient public transit experiences.

Vehicle Telematics Software

Our business intelligence (BI) systems work in tandem with telematics software in public transportation vehicles to track position, speed, mileage, inventory, and other data in real-time.

Transportation Mapping Software

Our programmers set up GIS and GPS software with features like drive-time radii, route optimizers, customer mapping, and others that are presented on an interactive map.

Route Optimization Software

Implement cutting-edge machine learning and route optimization algorithms to assist public transit organizations in providing better service and reducing operating expenses.

Paratransit Dispatch Software

Client-scheduling platforms, communication portals, and other features are all included into custom paratransit and non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) software packages.

Car Rental Management Software Solutions

Our comprehensive automobile rental administration solutions are built with admin panels, owner controls, and customer portals to give a complete picture of the rental process from beginning to end.

Booking & Reservation System

Create feature-rich central reservation systems that easily interact with current GDSs, online booking tools (OBT), extranets, and travel agency & online travel agency websites.

Rental Insurance Software Solutions

Create dashboards for fleet management that include information on rental statuses, return authorization codes, maintenance histories, registration dates, and other features.

Rental Fleet Management Software

Design rental insurance solutions to get quotes on extra liability protection, roadside assistance insurance, damage waivers, and other coverage.

Car Tracking Software Solutions

For real-time rental car tracking, experts deploy both proprietary and third-party GPS software solutions. They also build systems for recovery services with cutting-edge ignition controls.

Traffic Management Software Solutions

In order to give you complete control over your traffic infrastructure, our unique traffic management software (TMS) solutions integrate report retrieval tools, field communication capabilities, traffic camera monitoring, and more.

Intelligent Transportation System Software

Developers develop software and firmware with capabilities like automatic plate recognition, RFID sensors, RWIS, and communication portals that can monitor traffic in real-time.

Traffic Camera Software Integrations

By combining video management systems (VMS) and networked video recorders (NVRs) with any traffic camera, engineers can design incident and speed detection software.

Network Traffic Monitoring Software

Floating car data (xFCD) software outfitted with GPS, vehicle re-identification sensors, and telematics devices enables enhanced speed tracking.

Parking Management Software Solutions

Parking permit administration, mobile operations, and surveillance processes are all streamlined by our unique parking management software solutions that have been enhanced using business intelligence tools.

Parking Permit Management Software

Specifies and controls permit kinds and rates, as well as customizable time limits and renewals, extended stays, inventory tracking, registration administration, payment hosting, and other features.

Parking Enforcement Management

Create apps for mobile parking attendants that enable ANPR, photo documentation, automatic charge computations, virtual and QR-coded paper ticket issuance, and more

Parking Mobile & Kiosk Solutions

Use fully functional mobile devices to implement cutting-edge self-service kiosk software, payment processing & accounting, e-ticket software, TICO/CICO functionalities, and much more.