Reporteq’s engineers have many years of industry experience programming scalable software solutions for airlines, airports, and independent vendors.

Flight operations software development

MRO aviation software development

Airline reservation booking software development

Drone software development

Custom Flight Operations Management Software Development

For OEMs, MROs, and flight operators to streamline their operational workflows, we offer specialized airline flight operations management software.

Flight Ops Software Development Services

Provide full-service software engineering for flight operations, including inventory management, flight planning and scheduling, and maintenance tracking system integrations. This will increase operational effectiveness.

Flight Ops Planning and Scheduling Systems

Real-time maintenance information, resource availability, flight record data, passenger and flight personal information, and interdepartmental alert capabilities are all included in custom flight scheduling systems to improve interoperability.

Airline Flight Operations Management System

Deliver flight operation management systems, such as document management systems (DMS), flight crew operations manuals (FCOM), quick reference handbooks (QRH), and more.

Flight Crew Operations Management Systems

Complete human capital management (HCM), HR management, flight crew, aircraft and flight scheduling, and passenger logistics should all be implemented.

Custom Airline Reservation & Tracking Software Development

For airlines, airline contact centers, OTAs, online ticket sellers, and more, we offer airline reservation and ticketing software development services.

Airline Reservation Software Development

To assist airline operators in optimizing travel bookings, we have integrated our unique airline reservation management systems with direct ticketing channels, e-commerce websites, and GDPs with fairs and price algorithms.

Airline PSS Migrate and Integrate

To establish a new, modern environment with integrated airline ticketing and reservation system, inventory management, and DCS modules, perform passenger service system (PSS) migrations.

Airline Ticketing Application Development

Create mobile airline reservation systems (MARS) that are reliable, adaptable, and dynamic by utilizing industry-leading software development tools including Xcode, C#,.NET, SQL Server, and others.

Departure Control System (DCS) Development

Develop DCS systems with components for baggage tracking, boarding management, printing of boarding cards, ground handling, standby, and interruptions.

Custom Aviation Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) Software Development

We provide aircraft maintenance directors, flight schedulers and dispatchers, inventory part managers, and others with aviation maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) software solutions.

Aviation MRO System Integrations

Aviation MRO systems interact with OEM databases, accounting systems, performance reporting and information systems (PRISM), inventory management and order processing systems (IMOPS), and ERP software.

Aviation Compliance Software Development

To guarantee complete compliance with regulatory standards, including those set forth by the FAA, CAB, FAR, OAC, FTL, MNPS, and others, MRO compliance software is designed with document, risk, vendor, personnel, and CAPA management modules.

Aviation MRO Tracking Software

Utilize AI and machine learning to create MRO monitoring software that provides automatic mechanic assignments, supported discrepancy reporting, auto part recommendations, and much more.

Custom Drone Software Development

We develop custom drone software for indoor/outdoor inspections, cinematography, construction, agriculture, search-and-rescue, and several other industries.

Custom Drone Software Development

We create specialized drone software for a variety of business sectors, including agriculture, construction, filmmaking, indoor/outdoor inspections, and search and rescue.

Mission Critical Drone Software Development

Create mission-critical drone software that enables inspection assets in urban and rural settings using cutting-edge LIDAR sensor combinations and high-resolution 3D photogrammetry.

Drone Mapping Software Development

Our cross-platform drone mapping software gives users real-time access to aerial views, the ability to combine thousands of acres of land into usable maps, the ability to share maps, the ability to see temperature ranges, and many other useful features.

Drone Photogrammetry Software Development

Utilizing GIS software from a third party, create geospatial mapping interfaces for photogrammetry software to convert thermal, infrared, and RGB imagery into 3D landscape models and orthomosaic maps.