HCM and HR Software Development Solutions

We create specialized HR management software so that your teams can oversee any kind of event from planning to execution.

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Time Clock & Attendance

HRMS & HRIS Software Solutions

For businesses to operate successfully, we develop end-to-end human resource management systems (HRMS) and human resource information systems (HRIS).

Identity Access Management (IAM)

We design IAM platforms with features for managing access requests, digital accounts, tracking user behavior, and single sign-on (SSO).

Web-Based HRMS Integration

Our customized HRMS software is certified by and integrated with the State Information Data Exchange Systems of the US Department of Labor (USDOL) (SIDES).

HRMS Device Provisioning

To increase productivity, we provide support for Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) policies that includes automated device onboarding, provisioning, and status verification.

ATS & Recruitment Software Solutions

To speed up the interviewing, evaluating, and hiring process, we integrate and implement applicant tracking systems (ATS) and recruitment software solutions.

ATS Software Solutions

Our ATS solutions offer modern talent management, applicant sourcing, and recruitment workflows using HRIS platforms and features.

ATS CRM Development

We create personalized applicant tracking system (ATS) candidate relationship management (CRM) software that promotes candidate involvement while streamlining procedures and enhancing results.

ATS Analytics Software

We develop ATS analytics software that is strong, feature-rich, and equipped with report generators, query parameters, solutions for resume & CV parsing, and more.

Recruitment Software Development

For the best possible scheduling of interviews, our experts provide specialized recruitment software solutions that are integrated with Microsoft Outlook.

Custom Employee Onboarding Software Solutions

We create specialized software for onboarding new employees in order to simplify the hiring process, which includes rigorous background checks, drug tests, and tax verification.

HR Onboarding Software

We create scalable HR web portals for electronic application forms that ensure adherence to internal corporate procedures.

Onboarding Integrations

Our sophisticated onboarding integrations make it possible to conduct drug tests, e-sign documents (DocuSign), and verify eligibility.

Employee Onboarding Services

To manage applicants' abilities, leadership, and work ethic, we develop pre-employment testing solutions and employee onboarding software.

Employee Offboarding Software

Our employee offboarding solutions include security features that prevent former employees from accessing crucial information.

Employee Training Management Software Solutions

We provide software solutions for managing employee training that include onsite instruction, authoring tools, gamification, training registration control, and more.

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Active Directory Management

To manage employee and administrator directories, we create and incorporate active directory management features into already-existing HCM systems.

LMS Integrations

We seamlessly combine content-curation engines with learning management systems (LMS), enabling users to bookmark and share content.

Employee Training Portals

We provide self-service and training portals for employees so they may access and update their records of education and work.

Employee Time Clock & Attendance Management Software Solutions

To efficiently manage payroll, finances, and client labor estimates, we provide specialized time & attendance management software systems.

Time Clock Software Solutions

To maximize employee payroll, we incorporate Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and biometric hardware into current attendance tracking systems.

Employee Attendance Tracker Software

We create software that tracks employee attendance and integrates calendars for desired time off and time accrual modules.

GPS Time Clock Services

In order to enable current position tracking and remotely record employee clock-ins and clock-outs, we integrate GPS time clock features into the currently used attendance tracking systems.

Web-Based Time Clock Software

To monitor and track employee hours, we create web-based, native, and mobile digital time clock software.

Employee Performance Management Software Solutions

We develop cutting-edge performance management software solutions that are specifically designed to meet client needs and specifications.

360-Degree Feedback Solutions

We use 360-degree feedback software that includes templates for evaluation forms, performance measurement tools, and rating systems.

Goal Tracking Software

We develop goal-tracking software products that enable dashboards to define precise objectives while keeping tabs on worker and organizational development.

Employee Recognition Software

We generate digital archives, automate processes, and track team performance using employee recognition software.

Performance Management Analytics

We create executive dashboards, performance metrics dashboards, and analytics visualization solutions for performance management.

ACA Compliance Management Software Solutions

To guarantee that businesses abide by ACA requirements and standards, we create Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance management systems.

ACA Reporting Services

In order to track hourly workers, our professionals seamlessly combine time & attendance software with configurable dashboards to give ACA reporting services.

Benefits Enrollment Software

We design modules for benefits enrollment within current HCM solutions to enable employee enrolment through a web-based interface.

ACA HRIS Solutions

In order to produce 1095-C and 1094-C forms for employees and businesses, we develop ACA HRIS solutions.

Payroll & Benefits Administration Software Solutions

We create unique payroll and benefits administration systems to assist businesses of all sizes in efficiently managing employee pay and benefits.

Payroll Software Integration

With the USDOL and SIDES, we integrate and certify payroll management software to send unemployment insurance requests electronically.

Payroll EFT Software Solutions

For current HCM systems, we design direct deposit Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) functionality to speed up the billing and customer administration procedures.

Payroll Tax Software

To generate tax forms, calculate deductions accurately, and file taxes electronically, we provide automated payroll tax administration software solutions.