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Specialized Software Integration Services

Between their present applications and systems and the difficult software deployment process, a corporation adopting a new technology or business process faces many hurdles. All of your difficult integration and implementation challenges, including architectural design, testing, debugging, and execution, are handled by our industryspecific software engineers.

Data Integration Services

To guarantee total data integrity during the transfer process, our experts conduct a variety of software integration services, including combining data in different applications, streamlining corporate processes, and developing Database Management Systems (DBMS).

Enterprise Application Integration

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) solutions, which enable smooth connections between mission-critical business platforms, are a part of our system integration services. For platforms that deal with content management (CMS), accounting, enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), business intelligence, reporting and analytics, and digital marketing, we have expertise providing integrations.

API Integration Services

When integrating both internally developed and external APIs, our software developers use networking best practices. We create, integrate, and configure APIs that give mobile and web apps access to online services and synchronize data formats between them. We also make use of well-known systems like Dell Boomi, Azure, Jitterbit, and MuleSoft's Anypoint.

Service-Oriented Architecture

Using the same business logic interface and integration services, we create enterprisewide Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) that are intended to deploy all services related to business processes, technical tasks, and data access. Every SOA that we design is built to be optimized for web service interoperability, efficient data retrieval, reuse of integrated systems, and loosely connected system independence.

Custom Websocket Upgrade Services

We create unique WebSocket platforms that create single TCP socket connections between the server and client, enabling the instantaneous distribution of bidirectional messages.

Event Pattern Publishing

As a provider of system integration services, we have in-house developers with specialized knowledge on how to easily and flawlessly send messages to and from the server and trigger responses.

Bi-directional Data Exchange and Transfer

Instead of using two connections, we use one to send data in both ways concurrently, which reduces network traffic and delays.

Upstream and Downstream Communication

We create automatic integration services that enable streaming over proxies and firewalls, as well as two-way stream and downstream communication.

Backwards Compatible with HTTP Connections

In order to improve the content flow between servers and clients, we create WebSocket and HTTP connections that are backwards compatible.

Websocket Development

Chat App

Our programmers incorporate sophisticated functions into anything from private real-time messaging apps to group chats, such as ephemeral chat, encrypted messages, online presence, and typing indicators.

Collaboration Features

We integrate real-time comment feeds and live text collaborations into mobile and online applications, enabling numerous users to collaborate on the same page at once.

Realtime Maps

We use WebSockets to build mapping applications that show user-shared dynamic geolocation and to build geofences that set off personalized notifications.