Political Campaign Management Solutions

By providing top-notch political campaign management software with integrated features for mobile canvassing, online donation management, voter data management, and more to improve political marketing efforts and support more electoral victories, we cater to the technical needs of the political industry.

Marketing Automation

Event and Resource Management

Campaign Management and Analysis

Demographic Data

Marketing Automation Software

Through the use of our marketing automation software solutions, political campaign managers, political action committees (PACs), advocacy and government affairs teams, grassroots organizations, and managers of political fundraising can automate their communications with voters and political donors via a variety of digital channels.

Interactive & Action Driven Websites

We create well designed, contemporary websites with features like maximum mobile friendliness, conversion optimization, advanced search, quick loading, and more.

Telecommunication Integrations

To close the communication gap between PAX apps and smartphones, we smoothly interface with third-party telecommunications tools, such as Plivo or Twilio.

Political Advertising Manager

Allows for the precise targeting of consumers based on their location, demographics, and interests across many platforms and markets.

Event & Resource Management Software

Manage your political campaigns both online and at real-world locations by streamlining online payment processing for political fundraising, integrating CRM tools, and designing booking portal software to make organizing a campaign event as simple and hassle-free as possible.

Fundraising Management

Using crowdfunding platforms, setting up one-click donations, establishing contribution caps, and facilitating recurring donation payments are just a few of the features that our custom fundraising campaign management solutions enable you to use to get the most out of your online political fundraising.

Online Payment Processing

For the purpose of funding political campaigns, we create online payment processing software that enables debit and credit card transactions as well as EBT, ACH, recurring payments, mobile payments, prepaid cards, cryptocurrency, and more. This program also offers multi-currency possibilities.

Event & Travel Management

Our developers create specialized event and travel management software for desktop and mobile platforms with built-in functions for creating travel packages, integrating booking portals with GDS and OTA, managing room blocks, and more.

Project & Team Management

We provide an extensive, thorough project and team management database, created much like a CRM, with contact information for political campaign staff and donors, SMS messaging options, direct mail & email, promotions, and check-ins.

Campaign Management & Analysis Software Solutions

We create a full-service toolkit to give campaign managers and team members complete control and visibility over campaign events, attendee registrations, donor databases, accounting/finances, lobbying tools, vendors, and more.

Event & Venue Management

Our developers create event registration and guest booking software with features for badge creation/tracking, guest list management, multichannel ticketing, and more. This software is coupled with venue/on-site event management systems.

Donor Database Management

We integrate your unique campaign management software, enabling them to organize fundraising efforts and collect crucial donor information such as names, home and email addresses, phone numbers, spending patterns, income, political leanings, and more.

Transportation Logistics

We effortlessly integrate geofencing software, ridesharing technology, fleet management, and other third-party applications that extend your political campaign management software with transportation logistics modules.

Lobbying Analysis Tools

We offer implemented lobbying analysis tools to political campaigners that deliver the most recent studies, news, and in-depth knowledge on law and lobbying companies, corporations, associations, academic institutions, and local and state governments.

Demographic Data Management Software Solutions

Our tailored software for demographic data is equipped with features that provide campaigns access to the most recent national donor, mover, and voter lists, all of which correlate with demographic data for more precise targeting.

Voter Database Management Solutions

By interacting with the National Voter & Consumer Voter file APIs, these software solutions adhere to all SEC rules and regulations, preserve 100% data integrity, and insert demographic information, such as names, age, gender, race, and income, among others.

Donor Fundraising Management Solutions

In order to provide additional political & demographic details about each fundraising donor, we design our unique demographic data management software with both forward and reverse demographic appending to voter databases.

Automated Calling & Tracking Solutions

Utilizing Automated Call Distributor (ACD) modules and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) connections, our developers offer telecommunication software solutions that enable automated calling and tracking to improve client interaction.

Geo-Targeting Software Solutions

Our solutions enable political campaigners to target audiences that are most likely to vote for a candidate based on their habits, behaviors, interests, and purchases by leveraging geo-location data from their political campaigning activities.