Financial & Analytics Nonprofit Software Solutions

We provide nonprofit software development services geared to enhance resource alignment and raise visibility inside your expenses in order to meet your objectives for financial and analytical management. You can quicken the funding, planning, and reporting processes for your nonprofit organization with the help of our tailored nonprofit software solutions.

Accounting Solutions

Membership Management

Social Media and Marketing Automation

Dues and Grant Management

Faith Based Management

Accounting Solutions

We take great pride in being a top provider of software for nonprofit accounting and fundraising efforts. We develop solutions for cloud-based, web-based, and mobile platforms.

Treasury Management

We create specialized treasury management software that tracks all of your expenditures, generates FED and state-wide compliance documents, and manages spending policies so that you can make better financial decisions.

Erp Integration

We link with ERP platforms to provide a slick, unified platform where all back-office operations may be carried out. Nonprofit companies may quickly and simply develop an accurate budget for the actual cost of completing their missions with ERPs like NetSuite.

Fund Accounting Software Solutions

We create unique fund accounting software solutions with modules for donor management and fundraiser planning that are tailored for governmental or nonprofit organizations.

Compliance Management System

We design compliance management software to make sure nonprofits are aware of their compliance obligations and integrate them into operational procedures. We program every feature that is required, including those for hiring, human resources, supply, and contractors.

Project and Team Management

Confluence and Jira are integrated to offer a project management solution in addition to Jira's software development tools. To display Jira issues generated from Confluence, we make use of the Jira Issues Macro and Jira Query Language (JQL).

Membership Managment

For the nonprofit sector, we create solutions for membership management. Providing NGOs with the necessary volunteer management.

Member Database Managment

We offer intuitive software solutions that enable centralized fundraising and donor management operations without being especially tailored to how your organization runs. Maintain a record of and manage your interactions with, and relationships with, your donors.

Vender Management

Through automated workflows, user-friendly features, and vendor news/risk monitoring, Integration into VendorInsight is a web-based vendor risk management system that streamlines the vendor and contract management process.

Meeting and Transportation Logistics

We provide customized meeting management software with a focus on success that includes unified communications, powerful fleet asset management features, employee access portals, and more.

Dues and Grant Managnment

To help nonprofit administrators handle grant administration procedures, fundraising efforts, and grant requests, we develop specialized grant and fundraising management software.

Committee Managment

We create specialized nonprofit board and committee interaction software that makes it simple for users to handle conversations, save and share documents securely, and schedule meetings either virtually or in person.

Grand Seeking and Fundraising

To enable recurring online donations and online payment processing, we integrate with payment portals. Additionally, we develop unique solutions that automate the tracking, organizing, approval of applications, reports, and other crucial grant data.

Event Managment

In order to improve SMS messaging, promotions, contact listings, check-ins, direct email capabilities, and other features of your existing event management systems, we incorporate custom CRM modules and capabilities into them.

Grant Award Management

Our top-notch grant award administration solutions give companies the tools they need to run their programs efficiently, distribute many grants each year, and offer the best user experience.

Social Media and Marketing Automation

To guarantee complete content authenticity, we design very sophisticated social media and marketing automation tools.

Mass Email Campaigns

Constant Contact, MailChimp, and other relevant software solutions are all smoothly connected with our unique email marketing capabilities.

Social Media

You can manage your online activities across many social media platforms thanks to our integration with your social media networks, which broadens your audience reach, exposure, and engagement.

Marketing Automation

We create marketing solutions that let users track and control all of the actions associated with their advertising and marketing campaigns on a single, integrated platform.

Interactive and Action Driven Website

When we create dynamic websites or mobile applications, we incorporate WordPress or Joomla CMS solutions to improve company automation processes.

Automated Calling

Through ACD modules, SIP interfaces, and enterprise workload management, unique solutions enable improved customer engagement.

Faith Base Managment System

We create faith-based management solutions for organizations, churches, and other places of worship. Enabling NGOs to handle their logistical and human resource requirements.

Live Streaming

We offer services and event live streaming solutions. To enable subscription-based live streaming for gifts and payments, we design and develop customized online collection platforms.

Multi-Site Management

We develop branch-multiple operational management solutions for churches and other faith-based organizations.

Member Portal

We create member portals that let users monitor data about members, interactions, tax deductions, commitments, donations, and more.

Tithing and Donations

To efficiently handle contributors and enable automated online giving, we construct specially built donor databases.


Financial documents including balance sheets, income statements, and budgeting reports can be easily created. Collect information from many sources to track your organization's financial health and donor retention in real time.

Child Check-In

Users of child check-in software can plan activities, keep track of attendance, and rapidly print name tags on the spot. Additionally, you can choose to be notified whenever a family stops coming for several days or weeks in a succession.