Hire Experienced Wearable Device App Developers

Our skilled programmers install embedded software for IoT microcontrollers designed for wearable applications, such as those produced by ARM, Arduino, Adafruit, and Stitchkit.

Wristwear Technology

Create software for smartwatches, connected jewelry, and fitness trackers with IoT sensors, among other wristwear technology solutions.

Hearable Devices

Create in-ear interpreting software, hearing aids with AI, noise-canceling headphones, and other innovative products.

Head-Mounted Displays (HMDs)

To build highly immersive user experiences, develop head-mounted display (HMD) software for augmented reality goggles and virtual reality headsets.

Tizen Wearable App Development

We use web-native languages like JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS to build Tizen wearables that are simple and unobtrusive, like the Samsung Gear watch line.

Wearable Web Apps

Create.NET and web applications for wearable, mobile, and TV devices that are installed directly on the Tizen device by using the Tizen Studio.

Wearable Web Watch Apps

Create wearable watch applications that are completely functional and deployed with Tizen Studio to show the user a personalized watch face.

Wearable Web Widget Apps

Utilize Tizen's power to build web and native widgets that serve as informational and actionable shortcuts to applications.

Wearable Device App Infrastructure

We use cloud-based data processing and storage solutions from Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud to provide a dependable back-end architecture for your wearables.

Wearable Device Embedded Software

Our embedded developers create software that allow wearables to collect data sets, send them to the cloud, and communicate with other middleware and bespoke firmware.

Wearable Device App Integration

To ensure complete operation, our skilled programmers create cutting-edge wearable device application solutions and carry out dependable integrations with numerous data layer APIs.

Wearable Device App UI/UX Design

The computational capability of the wearable device is balanced with the appropriate usability and functionality using ergonomic enclosure designs by our skilled wearable device app designers.

Custom Wearable Software Services

We offer specialized software for wearable devices that enables apps to easily capture and interpret sensor data from devices, enable bi-directional M2M data transfers, and more.

Safety & Security Wearable Apps

Apps for safety and security wearable technology support security tools that enable voice, face, and fingerprint biometric identification.

Smart Clothing Wearable Apps

For gadgets like HUDs, LED smart clothes, Bluetooth headsets, smart glasses, and smart watches, expert engineers design specialized wearable programs.

Medical Wearable Apps

To update patients' EHRs in real-time, create firmware for clinical wearables like EKGs that are utilized both inside and outside of patient treatment contexts.

Wearable Smartwatch App Solutions

To enhance the wearables experience, create apps for a variety of well-known smartwatch operating systems, such as watchOS, Wear OS, AsteroidOS, and Ubuntu Touch.

Wearable Entertainment App Solutions

Develop incredibly immersive applications for virtual reality headsets like the Oculus Rift or the HTC VIVE, as well as augmented reality glasses like the Google Lens.

Wearable Healthcare App Solutions

Program wearable health devices for insulin delivery, patient diagnostics, and other purposes that monitor user-health metrics that adhere to HIPAA, DICOM, and HL7 standards. .

Wearable Fitness Tracker App Solutions

Create fitness wearable software for activity trackers, which are mostly wristbands and armbands that measure vital signs including blood pressure, heart rate, steps taken, and sleep patterns.

Wearable Payment App Solutions

Create unique wearable NFC-enabled payment-capable smart cards, bracelets, rings, and watches for contactless payments.

Wearable Industrial App Solutions

For inventory and human capital management (HCM) systems created with FRID scanners and facial recognition software, develop industrial wearable solutions.

Custom Wearable Software Integrations

We integrate wearable technology APIs from third parties with your current business processes to enhance connectivity and interoperability.

Wearables & Connected Fitness

We integrate activity data from wearable fitness trackers, smartwatches, and cardio machines with your existing systems to enable enhanced health and wellness.

Clinical In-Home Medical Devices

We seamlessly combine electronic health records (EHR) with clinical medical device software to produce a simplified method for improved remote patient care.

Wearable Payment Devices

To facilitate quick and simple contactless payments, we design, build, and integrate reversible wearable payment devices like rings and wristbands.