Create Unique Payment Experiences with Custom POS Software Development

With the aid of our bespoke integrations & app development services, our developers assist MSPs, PSPs, ISVs, PayFacs, and other financial institutions in extending the capability of their Point of Sale (POS) systems.

Custom POS Integrations

Through the creation of bespoke REST APIs, our low-cost POS developers-for-hire combine POS hardware and software to offer you and your merchants an all-in-one, individually designed POS solution.

With custom POS integrations, our skilled, reasonably priced developers assist you in streamlining mission-critical corporate operations. We provide the next specialized POS development services:

POS App Development

In order to provide feature-rich payment solutions tailored to your needs and those of your merchants, our trained POS developers construct custom apps that are compatible with all POS terminal devices.

To construct or add bespoke functionality to your standalone POS program, employ specialized POS developers. To increase the capability of your current POS systems, we will build unique applications using our expertise across more than 40 industry verticals.

Fully & Semi-Integrated POS Solutions

Our certified developers for Ingenico, VeriFone, PAX, and Clover offer fully integrated and partially integrated POS solutions that connect your stand-alone POS apps with essential third-party software platforms.

Custom POS Applications

We develop unique custom POS applications for the restaurant, F&B, grocery store, PETRO, hotel, and retail businesses that provide smooth integration compatibility with all POS hardware devices.

Loyalty-Based Apps

We create, create, and install specialized loyalty-based apps that are compatible with POS hardware with the intention of giving customers rewards and branded engagements.

Pay-at-Table Solutions

We incorporate unique payment methods that let customers explore a menu, place an order, and pay at the table while also enabling QR code capability.

Cash Discounts

We develop custom apps with functionality to set service charge percentages and/or flat rates directly from the POS that allow cash discount payment flows.

Online Ordering

For retail businesses, restaurants, grocery stores, and other establishments, we create specialized online ordering platforms for self-service and online order insertion within POS software.

Order/Inventory Management

For real-time inventory and order tracking that is completely visible on all POS devices, our expert programmers integrate specially developed inventory management modules.

Automated Reporting

We design automatic data visualization and sales modules that show rich data sets in a variety of formats, such as tables, charts, diagrams, maps, candlesticks, gauges, and more.