DevOps Engineer

Posted 8 months ago

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Job Description: 

We are actively seeking a skilled and resourceful DevOps Engineer to join our vibrant team. Assuming a key role in software development and operational processes, this position will act as a bridge between developers, operations, and stakeholders. 

Successful candidates will exhibit a strong understanding of CI/CD implementation, deployments, operations support, and cost optimization in cloud environments namely AWS and Azure. Moreover, an ability to leverage the latest AI trends in the DevOps and Software Development industry will be highly favorable. 


– Implement, manage and optimize continuous integration and continuous deployment systems (CI/CD). 

– Oversee system deployments, updates, and troubleshoot any ensuing issues. 

– Develop, refine and maintain system-level design and troubleshooting documentation. 

– Collaborate seamlessly with development teams to diagnose and rectify software issues. 

– Continuously monitor, manage, and enhance application performance in production. 

– Strategically plan and implement cost optimization in AWS and Azure. 

– Evaluate and recommend suitable technologies to optimize the overall system performance. 

– Support routine operations of production systems, which includes deploying system updates and undertaking maintenance tasks. 

– Maintain up-to-date knowledge of the latest AI trends in DevOps to ensure system relevance and top-notch performance. 



– Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, IT, or a related field. 

– Demonstrated experience in a DevOps role with a solid understanding of the full DevOps stack. 

– Expertise in various tools, open-source technologies, and cloud services, especially in AWS and Azure, with a focus on cost optimization. 

– Proficiency in understanding databases and SQL. 

– Strong ability to multitask while maintaining a keen eye for detail. 

– Excellent communication and cooperation skills. 

– Awareness of the latest AI trends in DevOps or Software Development industry would be a significant plus. 



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