Wild Energy Inc.

Case Study


Helping a start-up bridge hardware and IoT with robust APIs and a modern Front-End, wrapped up in a ready for market package.


Wild Energy came to us with an idea and the big pieces of a puzzle. They had the hardware, they had the IoT tools to communicate to the hardware but needed help to build a user-friendly interface that would bring it all together.



That’s exactly what we did. With the help of our solution architects, we re-architected the database, build out a robust API layer and designed and built a clean, modern and easy to use front end portal to manage the hardware devices. As with most start-ups, cash is always tight, but making a big impression with potential clients is paramount.

Reporteq was able to deliver a ready for market product on schedule and within budget. Wild Energy has been able to acquire new business, hold successful demo’s for new potential clients and showing off the potential of their product. Business owners can deploy Wild Energy smart meters that track electricity usage and be able to report it, control it and bill it. This reduces consumption waste, opens new revenue and is great for the environment. These business owners without any technical knowledge can start, stop, report and bill on any of their devices. All through Wild Energy’s Custom Portal and proprietary cellular communication to their fleet of meters. Wild Energy has been moving fast in their growth, and Reporteq has been there every step of the way offering advice and implementing new features and functionality as the product evolves.

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